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Does Tension Headache Make You Nausea

The fact is: if bright sunlight gives you a headache, you may actually be experiencing a light-sensitive migraine attack. Many people associate migraine with being just a headache, but in fact migraine is a neurological condition that is often characterized by numerous symptoms beyond head pain—this might include light sensitivity, nausea, visual dysfunction or aura, and. If you’re having chronic morning headaches, they’re most likely a migraine or tension headache. “A migraine often starts between four and nine a.m.,” Dr. Shadbehr says.

Nausea or vomiting. How long does a tension-type headache last? That depends. A tension-type headache may last for 30 minutes or (less commonly) months. In general, episodic tension headache symptoms tend to come on slowly and end sooner. They often happen in the middle of the day. Episodic headaches usually don’t last longer than a week.


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